GrrCon 2017 Presentation - Easy Ways to Make My Job Harder

This was my talk presented at GrrCon 2017, in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Link to slides on Gdocs:
As a Pen Tester and security professional, I get it. You are faced with a behemoth of a network, constrained by budget, and every day seems to bring a new zero-day to patch. However, there are some basic steps you can take to secure your network without having to plead for budget. This talk will take attendees on a magical journey through the pillaging and looting that occurs during penetration tests, and the wonderful war stories that come with it. Once the dust settles, we will break down fixing most common vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, so that on your next penetration test, your domain will withstand the siege.
So sit back, laugh or cry, and learn easy ways to make my job harder.

Recorded Video of Talk